These Car Insurance Tips Can Save You Big


Keeping a handle on possible soaring car insurance rates can be tricky. Make sure you check out these possible troublemakers before you sign up for insurance the next time…

Do not try to “nickel and dime” your carrier with unnecessary claims. Striving to collect for tiny dents and dings will red flag your account. It may very often pay to take care of a small, out-of-pocket bumper repair rather than squeezing your carrier.

Also, always let your insurance company know about a new driver using your vehicle. If you don’t, and your son or daughter causes an accident, you could have benefits denied or possibly have your policy canceled.

And if you loan your car or truck to a friend, keep in mind you are additionally lending that individual your car insurance. You could wind up filing a claim or paying a deductible, and your rates could well go up. Also, if your friend is uninsured, you could wind up being sued.

Buying minimum state insurance often sounds great. But if you cause a serious crash and damages top the limit of your coverage, you might wind up paying the rest out of pocket.

Of course, there is the total headache of texting while driving. The insurance industry hates this with a passion. A distracted driver infraction on your record could well kill renewal from your carrier. Be smart beforehand. It will usually mean money in the bank — your bank.