Letter: Euell Responds To Nielsen

I want to respond to the pseudo-intellectual Richard Nielsen (Nielsen Responds To Euell On Guns, July 22).

He stated in his letter that I went off the issue of his original argument. I beg to differ, the point was more gun laws would prevent mass shootings and gun violence. We were talking about laws. So I simply pointed out there are many laws in place to stop or prevent certain behavior.

I used cocaine and heroin as an analogy. They are drugs that are not even grown in the U.S., but are plentiful and can be purchased on almost any street corner. And I pointed out how this goes on even with the DEA and all kinds of specialized units trying to stop it. I’m sure your debating team would understand the term “analogy.”

You went on to say that an armed citizenry has not reduced crime or made us safer. Really, Mr. Nielsen, how do you prove a crime wasn’t committed?

As for your comment about the sale, or the indiscriminate sale of guns should they continue, why don’t you tell that idiot in the White House along with Eric Holder of Fast and Furious. They forced these gun stories to sell guns to the cartels. This is not even arguable, it’s fact! It was supposed to show how our freedom could cause guns to fall into the wrong hands, and then the idiots who were conducting the movement of the guns lost track of them. As a result, thousands south of the border died, and one border patrol officer. You really need to pick up a book called The War on Guns by John Lott. It might just open your eyes.

That was a cheap shot telling me I should send my Social Security check back to the government just because I don’t want to cozy up to socialism.

Additionally, I will gladly send my check back as long as they send me my 50 years of contributions with compound interest. Any financial advisor will tell you if I started investing that money at age 18, I would be a millionaire today. Aren’t pensions and 401Ks invested? I think so, Mr. Nielsen.

And you forgot to mention that once you give that money to the government, it becomes theirs. They decide when you get it, how much you get, if you’re going to get a raise, or not. And when you die and have no wife and your kids are in their 20s, they keep the money. And if you die at 60, and your kids are 20ish, again they keep it, all of it. And they tax it from your first check if you have another source of income, even though your money was taxed when they took it out.

Just because people don’t agree with you doesn’t make you right.

Thomas Euell, Wellington