Letter: It Takes A Village To Save Animals

We are heartbroken and fearful, not only for our animals, but for our community, since we heard the horrific news of our neighbor’s cow found brutally butchered, a horse head in a nearby canal, stories circulating about dismembered goats and chickens being found, and puppies abandoned on the side of the road in a pillow case.

These helpless animals need us as a community to protect them. If you see or know something, please report it to the proper authorities. We are their voice. If you are unable to care for your animals or their litter, please contact us so that we can help guide you.

As founder and vice president of Barky Pines Animal Rescue & Sanctuary Inc., a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in western Palm Beach County, a small team of three, we are passionately dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of our community’s animals that may otherwise be euthanized. Our mission is to connect these animals with loving forever homes or provide sanctuary to disabled or elderly animals to live out their lives in peace and comfort.

In July 2016, we expanded with the purchase of a beautiful piece of land in Loxahatchee, bringing us closer to our ultimate goal of becoming a self-sustaining animal rescue and sanctuary, enabling us to save many, many more lives. Since then, with the diligent and tireless help of a handful of dear friends, selfless volunteers and generous donations from some amazing supporters who we affectionately call our “village angels,” we have made steady progress preparing the land for the animals and us to live on. Clearing, cleaning, digging, planting and so on.

In light of these horrific events nearby, in addition to a continual problem with trespassers on our property and minor theft, we have decided to fast-track our move to our Loxahatchee farm property to protect our animals, our property and be there for our neighbors as well. We must keep an eye out for one another; it takes a village. Our top priority is always the safety and comfort of lives.

We are calling upon you and the support of our community. We must be completely moved onto the Loxahatchee farm location by Feb. 1. This is a huge undertaking for our small team, but we are determined and highly motivated. I would be deeply and forever grateful for your support and the support of our community during the organization’s transition. One of the most important items is that approximately 600 feet of the property’s perimeter still needs to be secured with fencing, among a list of other vital items and tasks. Our urgent needs short list can be found on our web site and Facebook page.

With a gift of a company’s products and or services, we would happily make arrangements to provide the company with advertising on our web site and broadcast their care and compassion on our social media sites. Our greatest need is monetary donations, which will help us finalize our relocation and continue the build process. Donations to our organization are tax deductible. Volunteers with trucks are appreciated as well to help us transport items. Opportunities for community service hours are also available. If you are unable to donate or volunteer, please contribute a moment of your time sharing this with someone you know.

To contact us at Barky Pines, call (561) 402-1451, e-mail barkypines@gmail.com or visit www.barkypinesanimalrescue.com.

Elizabeth Accomando, Barky Pines Animal Rescue & Sanctuary