WLMS Competes In Noetic Math Contest

On April 6, a total of 26 students from Wellington Landings Middle School competed in the semi-annual Noetic Learning Math Contest, which is a national mathematics contest for elementary and middle school students.

The goal of the competition is to encourage student interest in math, to develop problem-solving skills and to inspire students to excel in math. More than 32,000 students representing 763 schools across the country took part in this spring’s contest.

The WLMS team was led by Terrence Walters. The following students were Wellington Landings team winners: Noah Villafane (eighth grade), Gabriela Brocious (seventh grade) and McKenna Wickers (sixth grade). Wickers also earned the National Honor Roll title. This title is awarded to approximately the top 10 percent of participating mathletes.

Alyssa Sullivan, Emma Petlev, Lara Tunca, Allison Bank, Daniela Carmona, Han Lee, Max Epstein, Noah Villafane, Tasawar Hannan and Eric Powers received National Honorable Mention.

ABOVE: WLMS students scored well in the Noetic Learning Math Contest.