Watch Out For Hidden Excess Salt!


They say almost 90 percent of Americans eat too much salt, and I am sure I am one of them. Here are some pointers on what to look for:

We all know that bakery sweets are heavy on salt. Things like muffins, cake and doughnuts pack the flavoring in. But did you realize that grilled chicken, when eating out, can also be a huge salt troublemaker?

And what about a bowl of soup? One source says simple minestrone soup can contain some 70 percent of your recommended daily salt allotment. And don’t even think about a milk shake for an afternoon pick-me-up. It will use up half of your daily salt recommendation.

Coincidentally, according to Time Magazine, in a recent study, diners leaving a fast-food restaurant were asked to guess how much sodium they consumed. The average answer was way too low! Often sodium appears where you least expect it. Keep in mind, it is a staple of most additives, plus a key preservative used to enhance shelf life.

Some good news: In a recent study, healthy people who reported eating more than average sodium had no higher blood pressure than those reporting eating less of it. One conclusion suggests that the risks of sodium for healthy people may be overblown. Let’s hope so.