Letter: Climate Change Is A Scam

Climate change by man? Or God almighty, creator of the heavens and earth? He is the climate changer. There are more than 75 Bible verses referring to weather used as blessings, as well as curses. God is 100 percent in control. Spending billions of dollars to reduce temperatures by two-tenths of a degree — how absurd. The stats are greatly flawed numbers. According to Al Gore, Earth should have been gone three years ago! The Paris Accord puts the U.S. at a monetary disaster, no money for infrastructure but billions overseas out of our control! Genesis 8:22: While the earth remains, seed time, harvest, and cold and heat, and summer, winter and day and night shall not cease. Can they prove God does not control climate? I think not. The Paris Accord is nothing more than globalization to transfer wealth — a big, big scam.

Lawrence Sweetwood, Wellington