Letter: Redistribution Of Health

The rich either inherit or make fortunes off the backs of American workers, but quite often a whopping kick to the curb is the big thank-you the workers end up getting.

For example, take the GOP “health care” bill, where not one item in it improves, relieves or cares for our health whatsoever, but this additional stress will contribute more illness. This GOP bill reduces or denies coverage, leaves millions without any care, increases premiums, drastically cuts Medicaid and more. Nothing to help our health, but it does enrich the GOP politicians and their rich overlords with multi-billion-dollar tax breaks for them for absolutely no reason at all!

The rich always persuade their anointed politicians to favor them. Through them, they found a way to have our taxes pay for their private schools by throwing crumbs (vouchers) to a few taxpayers. Now they found a way to redistribute our health to benefit their greedy, heartless selves. Now only they can afford health care, and once again the middle class and poor are unable to get affordable care because they are being sucked dry to pay for the GOP tax giveaway to themselves. Where’s the health care? It’s a tax bill!

Jude Smallwood, The Acreage