Climate Change? Sure Looks Like It!


While the evidence continues to mount that climate change is real and highly concerning, there remains a cadre of naysayers who call it overblown. Well, let’s see.

So-called “ghost forests” (dead trees in huge areas of our coastline) is surely a noteworthy indication of climate change. And most scientists agree the sight of dead trees in once healthy areas is certainly a consequence of climate change.

What was dry, usable land some 50 years ago now is marshes with dead stumps and dead trees. And the process keeps accruing around the world. Yes, North America is particularly hard hit, with literally thousands of acres of salt-killed trees reaching from Canada to Florida.

“There is a tremendous amount of change going on,” said Greg Noe, the noted research ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. “It’s dramatic and it’s changing faster than anytime previous in human history.”

“Actually, seas off our East Coast have risen four times greater now than during the 1930s,” agreed Ben Horton, a Rutgers University professor and renowned expert on sea level rise. “It’s a faster pace than for the past 2000 years combined.”

OK, I’m convinced. Now what do we do about it?