Letter: Bait And Switch In Lox Groves

We all use the roads in Loxagrovia to go about our daily activities. One Loxagrovian uses the roads to serve as bait in order to receive a paycheck. Councilman Ron Jarriel is on another fishing trip. In 2015, Ron trolled Marcela, Bryan and Compton roads. In 2016, Ron free cast Los Angeles and San Diego roads. Here in 2017, Ron is surf fishing North B Road and South D Road.

While on Facebook, I read the postings of Loxagrovians Linda Conte and Dienna Elizabeth, which were of interest to me.

Miss Linda posted, “I spoke with Ron and he said paved roads on North B Road are scheduled for this coming year.”

I replied with the post, “I checked with a council member, Miss Linda, apparently there is not a road pavement schedule for North B Road that the council member is aware of.”

Miss Linda replied, “Hmmmm, wonder why Ron said it was approved, he’s on the board.”

Each time Loxagrovian Marianne Miles has requested that North B Road be paved, the council has replied that the town would not, as residents have already voted against providing road improvements to North B Road.

Ron is seeking election to a fourth term. Was Ron leading Miss Linda on? Miss Linda posted, “I was told by Ron that in 2018, B Road was going to be paved and that we had the funds, but, some other finalization had to take place.” Was Ron after a campaign contribution? Did Ron intentionally not be honest with Miss Linda?

Loxagrovian Dienna Elizabeth posted, “Pretty sure that the residents on San Diego are not fooled. Door to door won’t work this time.”

A response to a public document request as provided by Town of Loxahatchee Groves Financial Director Perla Underwood revealed…

Fact one: The town does not have, nor has the town council adopted a road paving schedule for 2018.

Fact two: A review of town council meeting minutes reveals there is not a record of establishing a paving schedule by the town council.

Fact three: The town council did approve the town’s engineers to develop a conceptual plan for use in a request for 55 percent funding that the town is requesting from the State of Florida for improvements to South D Road, which will include paving, drainage, and water and sewer lines.

This is Ron’s pattern of prevarication. The Jarriels, as in plural, during council sessions, have even called Councilman Todd McLendon, various residents and vendors, all liars, apparently in order to create the illusion of being the one in the right.

The good news is that Ron Jarriel does not need to be in office for a road to get paved or improved. What does need to be in office is the funding and landowners’ requests, not Ron Jarriel.

Keith Harris, Loxahatchee Groves