After 19 Years, Siemens Ends Its Academic Contest


After 19 years Siemens Corp. is ending its well-known academic contest.

Long a juicy opportunity to reach fame while making significant money, Siemens has ended the popular contest for youngsters in math, science and technology. What a shame!

The Siemens program encouraged high schoolers across America to submit original projects in the above categories for the chance to win some big college scholarships from $1,000 to $100,000.

Over its tenure, more than $10 million in scholarships were awarded. Some 28,000 students submitted projects, and more than 1,600 won scholarships.

Siemens noted in the announcement release, “We have adjusted our investments.”

The company went on to say, “Addressing inequalities in economic opportunity for the vanishing middle class is an area we believe we can be part of the solution.”

While details of the newest Siemens promotion program have yet to be announced, youngsters hope for another successful program that lasts 19 years.