Letter: A Need For Change In RPB

Having lived in Royal Palm Beach since 2003, I have become aware of the changing dynamics of our community, and the need for a real change. Crime is up despite assurance from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office that this is not so. We realize, unfortunately, that it has escalated from car vandalism to the violent home invasion last July near Commons Park, to the attempted sexual assault of the woman with her child, also in the park, and another attempted attack there. It appears to me that our mayor has issues of his own, and has turned his back on the people of our village, not addressing the real issues at hand.

I truly think Martha Webster has our community’s best interest at heart, and has the credentials to do so. She served on the Royal Palm Beach Council (2008-2013) and was vice mayor in 2010. She is involved in many community services and was a founding member of the Western Business Alliance.

She is also involved with veterans and military outreach, the homeless coalition, the hunger coalition, Habitat for Humanity, among others. She has numerous public service affiliations as well, as can be seen on her Facebook page. She recognizes the need to preserve family values, is committed to restoring neighborhood safety and is willing to facilitate effective plans to do so and following through on this.

I really feel she knows our village and the necessities of its population. She will listen to our concerns and our suggestions; she’s part of our village. We need to know we have someone on our side who will consider us first in all issues, as well as implementing a plan to keep our neighborhoods safe. Failure to vote for a change will bring the same complacency we’ve experienced in the past years.

Nancy Sciaretta, Royal Palm Beach