Letter: An Angry Wife And ITID

My husband, Jim Shallman, a dedicated, educated, truly intelligent and a man of integrity lost his job on June 21, 2017, due to a well-planned and orchestrated deed by attorneys and some board members of the Indian Trail Improvement District (ITID).

Jim cannot find employment due to the misleading and one-sided article from June 2017 in the Town-Crier. When he’s Googled, the article comes up and he cannot get an interview. Knowledge, dedication and experience are out the window. A good man lost his job. This man gave nine years of his life to ITID to get railroaded by the ITID board members and attorneys. Why should Jim go on early retirement? He has a lot to contribute and to bring to a new job. Someone should look into abuse of power at ITID.

Jim didn’t play politics; he only wanted to do his job and protect the district, but a new board member had other ideas. This arrogant woman came in with an agenda to take over, and because my husband wouldn’t play the game and he refused to be her puppet, she found allies to help get Jim fired. Conveniently, the attorney of record for ITID held back an important e-mail from April 2017 to June 2017, and the labor attorney, who never protected my husband during meetings, was also privy to the machinations.

The deciding vote to fire the district manager and the director of finance came from the most insecure and vindictive person. Since my husband would not reinstate an incompetent employee to a supervisor position, she voted against him. An arrogant and illiterate board member who would show up at my house uninvited and unannounced, who constantly interfered and wouldn’t let my husband do his job, allied himself with the new member. The employees who replaced the district manager and finance director are her unqualified puppets. Question: why would the HR person get two raises in a year? She has allied herself with the board president, very beneficial to her.

Elsy Shallman, The Acreage