Letter: Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

Another facet of Loxagrovia’s forever-going voter fraud scandal of 2015: Not just the ordering of absentee ballots, now fraudulently casting of those absentee ballots.

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) Public Document Request ID Number 0217-1733 shows Sandy Chiu, an attorney residing in Miami since January 2015, as ordering an absentee ballot on Feb. 25, 2015, and said ballot was cast and received on March 3, 2015. The ballot was sent to her father’s residence in Loxahatchee Groves, Lung Chiu, inspector general of the Palm Beach County School Board.

On March 6, 2018, in the deposition of Sandy Chiu, she stated that the she did not vote in the 2015 Loxahatchee Groves election; she did not request an absentee ballot; and that she was living in Miami as of January 2015. Ms. Chiu had no recollection of being contacted by any investigators from the SOE, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) or the State Attorney’s Office (SAO) prior to August 2017.

This means, if her recollection is correct, no one bothered to investigate the casting of the absentee ballots until August 2017, despite having significant irregularities in the election relating to absentee ballots prior to the election. It appears that no inquiry was made by anyone to determine this fundamental question concerning our democratic process. Had inquiry been made to even Ms. Chiu, the results probably should not have been certified.

FDLE’s First Try: Shortly after the election, it was discovered that FDLE was going to investigate the matter. Initially, FDLE wanted to close out the file with a “finding of no wrongdoing.” At that time, FDLE essentially and completely failed to investigate.

FDLE’s Second Try: After the first attempt to close out the file, we made an appointment to speak with FDLE Special Agent Eric Jester.

Jester reviewed the information we had already discovered (i.e. the admissions in the media and the town; the single IP address, and the failure of Jim Rockett and Ryan Liang to report anything) and directed FDLE to investigate.

The investigation ended up confirming the IP address used to order the absentee ballots as Ms. [Philomena] Liu’s, and after an interview with Mr. Liang, after initially denying knowledge, provide a substantial amount of specific information, which not only confirmed his knowledge of what was going on, but also confirmed that he knew in a timely manner and did nothing and said nothing to anyone, in violation of his duties as a sitting councilman.

In my opinion, FDLE Special Agent Demarios Thomas substantiated the case against both Ryan Liang and Philomena Liu.

One criticism I have is that Thomas failed to investigate or interview any of the persons whose votes were actually cast by absentee ballot to determine if they actually voted or if their vote was bogus. As we now know from Ms. Chiu, she said she absolutely did not vote, and according to the Republican Party and the records provided to them from the SOE, she did vote by absentee ballot.

The SAO’s first try: After Thomas submitted his report dated July 20, 2016 to the Office of the State Attorney, Assistant State Attorney Timothy Beckwith filed a “no file report” dated Nov. 30, 2016.

I am uncertain as to who is now investigating, however, Ms. Chiu indicated that an investigator contacted her for the first time in August 2017.

In my view, there is no doubt that Mr. Liang was involved in the ordering of the absentee ballots. He so much as says so in his interview with Thomas. There is also no doubt in my mind that Ms. Liu ordered the absentee ballots, with each one being a separate crime. There is also no doubt that if the Republican Party’s information is correct, that Ms. Chiu voted; her vote was fraud and would support additional counts against someone.

I believe that every voter who cast an absentee ballot should be questioned as to whether or not they cast the ballot that was received. I would find it unusual to have this many ballots and have Ms. Chiu be the only person whose vote was forged.

It pains me to think how easy our democratic system was corrupted. This needs to be changed. It is fundamentally the government’s responsibility to oversee the election process. They failed in this instance.

It is not right that, as being the victim, I have had to miss serving as a councilman and had to expend personal monies to force the government to investigate and [uphold] the very foundation of our whole system of government.

The citizens of Loxagrovia are victims as well.

I would like to think justice can be found in Palm Beach County. The evidence shows otherwise.

Keith Harris, Loxahatchee Groves