Letter: New Blood Needed In Wellington

After careful consideration, I heartily support Frank Ferrano and Bart Novack for Wellington Village Council. Both of them are in no rush to pave over our parks. Mr. Ferrano has stated that he favors keeping K-Park a park. What a concept. I should add that some years ago, I had need to contact the village on an engineering matter, and he went out of his way to be responsive and helpful.

Most of our current council members favor increased development. Mr. Novack has stated he favors a cautious and limited approach to more equestrian development, while our current council is biased in favor of the equestrian community and pays less attention to the needs of the rest of us.

It should be noted that Ms. Siskind, Mr. Ferrano’s opponent, was not elected but appointed by the council over many candidates with much stronger credentials, such as former Mayor Tom Wenham. And, oh yes, she has a daughter who is an equestrian. Maybe it is time to elect council members who can relate to why the average Wellington resident moved here in the first place. Support Mr. Ferrano and Mr. Novack.

Pat Keeler, Wellington