Letter: Neighborhood Leadership In Fred Pinto

Living in the La Mancha neighborhood of Royal Palm Beach has been such a blessing, and it truly shows by how many kids who grew up here come back to buy a home and to raise their families here on our safe, quiet streets. Fred Pinto is aware of this and supports keeping our neighborhood intact. I’m sorry if its personal, but that is a major reason I and many of my family and friends who live in La Mancha support Mayor Pinto. It’s sad to see that his opponent, Martha Webster, who talks about “Family Values,” tried to destroy our quiet family neighborhood by opening Madrid Street directly into State Road 7, thereby turning our family, safe, quiet streets over to nonresident speeders and opportunistic grab ‘n’ go criminals, who will take advantage of the quick highway access, not to mention the millions of tax dollars to implement this opening. Our council and mayor have done a great job the last two years and have done it cooperatively and peacefully. We need to continue that political collaborative.

Philip Karas, Royal Palm Beach