Letter: Support For Fred Pinto

In the upcoming March 13 election for mayor of Royal Palm Beach, I strongly support Fred Pinto. Fred is one of the most sincere, hardworking, dedicated public servants in all of Palm Beach County. On the other hand, his opponent Martha Webster will once again discover that the voters will again say an emphatic “no” to her.

How many more defeats at the polls does Martha need before she will finally get the message? I strongly defend her right to run, but this is an exercise in futility. She is challenging Fred for all the wrong reasons, as a victory for Martha would bring misery and mayhem to the board.

For years, Martha and David Swift have been vindictive toward Fred Pinto, not to mention former County Commissioner Jess Santamaria. I am sure the propaganda spread by Martha and David regarding RaceTrac is still fresh in voters’ minds: i.e, that RaceTrac would bring traffic congestion to the area and property values would fall. Vehicles enter and exit RaceTrac from Southern Blvd., there is no gridlock and property values have risen.

David Swift was gracious in defeat and walked away, something Martha should have done a long time ago, having lost to Fred by more than 1,000 votes.

I am sure that there are those who will still vote for Martha, just like I am sure that she can serve the village in other ways, except being on the board or as mayor. Some politicians running for office rely heavily on the stupidity of the American voters. I have said many times that voters here out west are educated and informed and use sound judgment whenever they go to the polls.

Not only has Fred Pinto stepped up to the plate and served his country with distinction, but his service to the village is exemplary and speaks for itself. I urge all constituents to turn out in large numbers and vote for Pinto to continue his good work as mayor. If it’s not broke, please don’t try to fix it. I like Martha as a person, but not as mayor.

If the village wants to continue enjoying the high quality of life, low crime rate, etc., if it wishes to have a prolonged period of material prosperity, voters have only got to behave in a peaceful, helpful way toward one another and vote for the best candidate for mayor. That candidate is Fred Pinto.

Karl Witter, The Acreage