Letter: Pinto Cares About Residents

Royal Palm Beach Mayor Fred Pinto’s financial services experience has enabled him to make decisions that have maintained our low tax rate and also kept our village from incurring debilitating debt. Under his leadership, the council has initiated many improvements to Commons Park, including a brand-new amphitheater and additional restroom facilities. Many of us have enjoyed family and community events in this beautiful and well-planned location.

Our valued seniors are very much a significant group in the mayor’s plan and vision moving forward. Many village-owned properties are now equipped with handrails and ramps that allow for greater access to village facilities, as well as safe and secure mobility. A new memory care and assisted living facility is due to open within the next 12 to 18 months across the street for our local high school on Okeechobee Blvd.

Seniors who need greater support with their daily living needs will not have to leave the community they love and have been members of. Currently, many wheelchair-bound seniors utilize the county-run Palm Tran for transport. Another senior citizen initiative in the works is a village sponsored “Uber type” transportation system. Seniors who are not handicapped but no longer drive will be able to enjoy safe and prompt transport. Vital information for this project was provided by the senior citizen needs assessment. All of our residents have a voice, and our mayor listens and acts.

We have all witnessed change in our local businesses over the years. Updating outdated signage ordinances has allowed businesses to utilize well-recognized logos and color schemes. This advertising benefit is crucial in drawing businesses and services to our village. This modernization has helped Mayor Pinto to maintain a vital community that provides needed services to its residents.

Once again, I urge you, citizens of Royal Palm Beach, to make your voices heard on March 13. Choose wisely. Choose to continue to have your concerns heard and met with action. Choose a leader who has the experience and know-how to make the best decisions for our village. Choose to vote for a leader who will keep us on the right path. Choose to support Mayor Fred Pinto and his plan for the progress and the future of our village. Choose to vote for Fred Pinto!

Brian Hanley, Royal Palm Beach