Letter: Vote To Re-Elect Mayor Fred Pinto

On Tuesday, March 13, we must choose wisely for our village. Given Mayor Fred Pinto’s proven record of sound leadership over the past 15 years, it is no wonder why he is endorsed by the Police Benevolent Association and the Firefighters & Paramedics. Safety and quality of life has always been of utmost concern. Mayor Pinto has pushed for a more responsive council. The northern sector of our community voiced a concern for elementary student safety walking to and from school during construction. Our mayor listened, initiated safety measures and hired a community member to act as crossing guard. Together, citizens and our mayor brought about immediate action to ensure the safety of our youth. The mayor has invited neighborhoods to share concerns about traffic issues. As a result, a new traffic-calming policy and procedure was established. The affected citizens have the opportunity to vote for solutions. We must continue to work with our mayor, who once again responds to our safety concerns.

His close collaboration with our police force has brought about thorough investigations leading to arrests. The mayor requested citizen assistance by sharing information with law enforcement and allowing those who are trained to deal with crime to do their jobs effectively. At a recent council meeting, La Mancha residents came out to voice their concerns about crime in their neighborhood. Mayor Pinto invited PBSO Lt. Mike Ferrante to address their concerns. This dialogue continued after the council meeting and resulted in a subsequent neighborhood watch meeting. Clearly, our mayor is responsive to our concerns for safety in our homes and communities.

Choose wisely on March 13. Choose Fred Pinto for mayor.

Jordan Davis, Royal Palm Beach


  1. How nice of the PBSO to not only endorse the Pinto, the criminal, but also to take the lovely mug shoot seen round the county. This really does put the definiation of crime and PBSO in a contradictory relationship.

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