Letter: Developer Violations, Déjà Vu

Welcome to the next round of a developer breaking rules and agreements with the Village of Wellington and then whining victimization. Last time we were here it was building violations, permitting violations, ignoring safety regulations over the years and a campaign to malign village elected officials and staff. It’s déjà vu all over again!

Wow, a new council, pretty much of their choosing (after spending over a million dollars on their campaign), numerous violations despite existing guidelines and warnings, and a developer is once again pointing fingers, whilst they are the culpable party, creating the wrongdoing.

Developer spokesperson Alec Domb states, “That’s, unfortunately, the nature of the relationship (with the village).” But he neglects to assume any responsibility.

I have been in Wellington for more than 25 years and have witnessed these groups continually violate village code, agreements (the preserve/habitat just one example), and then initiate countless lawsuits. Attorney Domb states, “This is political.” Hmmm, politics forced people to urinate in public, sell food and alcohol despite regulations to the contrary, make noise and have portable restrooms without screening and not comply with giving attendance records? It’s hard to have a mutually respected relationship when one party shows disdain, but it might be a case of perceived entitlement. The people living contiguous with the fields in question have a right to peace, cleanliness and not watching people urinate. If that’s politics, so be it!

This is exactly the non-neighborly actions we have come to expect, a surfeit of violations of codes over the years, and then putting blame on the village.

Shame on these developers and their paid mouthpieces! Perhaps if these errant developers would line up in front of one of the large equestrian training mirrors, they might indeed see the light, that they are indeed the perpetrators of this folly.

George Unger, Wellington


  1. Uh oh. George Unger found access to a keyboard. He never explains who these “dvelopers are. But it appears to be Glen Straub because Domb is his lawyer.

    C’mon George, you need remedial writing classes.

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