Letter: Mission Trips To Puerto Rico

On March 16, my wife Lourdes and I embarked on a scouting mission trip to Puerto Rico with a team of Men of the Hourglass (MOTH) members (Osvaldo, Victor, Rico and Andre) not knowing what God would reveal to us. We went out of obedience and a heart to serve and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

In traveling through the most devastated area of the island, we discovered God’s hand and how many lives were spared. The news might show a lot of sadness, but what we saw was a lot of hope, faith and resilience to rebuild and help one another. We know in this world there will always be chaos and bad people, but our lord teaches us through his divine word that we are to persevere and never give up.

The perseverance of the locals and the assistance of outsiders have brought hope to the hopeless and faith to many. Miles upon miles of brand-new electrical lines and poles were installed and erected to restore power to cities. The island is known as “Isla del Encantó,” meaning the Island of Joy. As we visited these areas of damage, people smiled, rejoiced in seeing us and provided us with hospitality. God showed up! He brought us to two homes, one with a 92-year-old man who suffered from Alzheimer’s and another home where two sisters live and the one sister is disabled. We don’t know these people, who their families are or why God brought us, other than to be his hands and feet.

We found our purpose on this island as we came across an abandoned gas station that was being turned into a church, way up in the mountains on roads that people would not normally travel on because of the danger. As we stopped to rest and get food and drink, one of our members pointed out the church, which appeared to be empty. Well, Lourdes and I and brother Vic prayed over the pulpit, and as we finished our prayer to walk away, several cars pulled in with its members and pastor. MOTH and LIGHT will be teaming up with this local church to minister to these two families and help with resources and needs.

Where there is a will, God will make a way. So together, we are all seeking to help these two families and allow the praise go to God, who sends his ambassadors to spread the Gospel throughout the world. So, please join us in our efforts to fundraise $20,000 to repair the roofs, windows and interior of these homes that have been destroyed by the hurricane. Our goal is to get them this help and have the work complete by the weekend of May 4. Donations can be paid online at www.menofthehourglass.org (press Missions Puerto Rico under the give tab), or mail your check to: Men of The Hourglass, 15626 61st Place North, Loxahatchee, FL 33470.

Mike Elias, The Acreage