Letter: Beware Far-Fetched Comparisons

Reading over Mr. [Leonard] Wechsler’s column in the April 27 issue (Beware the Dangers of America’s Great Cultural Revolution), in comparing the Great Chinese Cultural Revolution with a somewhat jaded view of the actions and political mechanics of the citizens in a free society is challenging.

One cannot compare life in a vastly different culture under an autocratic rule with citizens in a free society exercising dissent.

“Moving left or right” is a far too simple explanation, and those who attempt such an explanation for purposes of comparison will find the trail strewn with political bodies.

The GOP lost political direction with the rise of the “Alt Right,” which consumed the party and drove the “moderate Republicans” into extinction, and one wonders why they are amazed that they were left with a president who is neither left nor right and on some kind of “earn while you learn” program; an inexperienced businessman who continues to make up government as he goes, in his own image.

Meanwhile, the lackluster Democrats are searching for their lost identity as champions of the working class, and to make matters worse, they lack a charismatic national leader to inspire them.

On another note, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the well-wishers, who expressed hope for my recovery after I suffered a stroke in September 2017. It, indeed, is a mighty struggle coming back, and one must work hard, but thanks to you, I’m making great strides in my rehabilitation, and I should have many more years of irritating people.

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach