Open House May 19 Aims To Explain ITID’s Role In Community

The Indian Trail Improvement District will hold an open house on Saturday, May 19 to answer questions from the public and show what the district does.

The open house will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the ITID Administration Building at 13476 61st Street North in The Acreage and will include activities for children. There will also be participation from other agencies, such as Palm Beach County, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue, the School District of Palm Beach County and other local entities that affect the lives of Acreage residents.

“We will have the district manager, supervisors and some staff available,” ITID President Betty Argue told the Town-Crier on Wednesday. “We will have [Palm Beach County Mayor Melissa] McKinlay there as well. We will also have our district representative from the Palm Beach County School Board, Marcia Andrews.”

Representatives from the PBSO and PBCFR will also be on hand. Someone from the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office will be set up to register anyone to vote who is not already registered to vote.

“We will also have Tracy Newfield from the Garden of Hope,” Argue said. “She will have a lemonade stand and some baked goods available. She’ll be talking about the different parts of the garden that people can sponsor.”

ITID equipment will be on display during the open house.

“We’re going to have some equipment set up so that if people want to tour the equipment, or have questions, we will have staff available,” Argue said. “We will be answering questions about the park project and any of our road projects. If there are any budget questions, we will have our director of finance [Bruce Cuningham] here.”

Grilled hot dogs and refreshments will be available, and a kids’ activities center will be set up.

“The idea of an open house arose from social media discussions about the lack of understanding of what ITID does,” Argue said. “Some people don’t even know that they pay taxes to us, so really the idea is to make it available for the residents to come and ask any questions they have and just get a better understanding about Indian Trail.”

The other agencies were added to make it more of a community event. “Because we are a community, we have invited all the people that are parts of our community, whether it be the PBSO, the county, fire-rescue, there’s a forum for residents to informally have the opportunity to have discussions with the different people operating within our area,” Argue said. “If you have a concern about speeding on your road, or you have a concern about when your road is going to be paved, or why something is being done a certain way, there should be someone here to answer those questions.”

Argue is particularly pleased that the Supervisor of Elections Office will be set up for voter registration. “This is an election year, and we’ve got four seats up for election this year,” she said.

The Acreage Landowners’ Association and the Acreage Athletic League have also been invited to participate.

“We have new young families moving in that may not have that information, so we’re trying to be available in an informal environment to answer questions from the community,” Argue said.

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