Letter: Is Loxahatchee Groves Ready For A Storm?

First let me just say that the paperwork for the North B Road project has been handed in. Now the reason for this letter. We have been getting a lot of rain with probably more to come. The next several months could be difficult. We all need to work together. Getting and keeping the water off all the roads is very important. Keeping all types of debris, especially yard clippings, off the roadway, off the canal banks, and keep debris off all rights of way to keep everything clear and passable will make life easier in the event of any storm.

If you live on the east side of the canal on the main letter roads, it would be appreciated if property owners would dig a small channel to let the water drain onto their property from the road before it mounts up to a large mess and the road becomes impassable. This is not forever, and it would help to keep the road situation from getting worse. Debris, such as yard clippings, or anything put out to be picked up, should remain on the person’s property and not dumped to encroach onto the roadway or a right of way. Keep all drain culverts clear.

If you live on the west side of the canal, the canal bank rights of way should remain passable and free of debris. Dumping debris on the canal banks, and dumping anything in the right of way easements (the space west of the canal between the canal bank and the telephone poles) that needs to be picked up and hauled off is a code violation. When a property owner needs things to be picked up, then it’s up to that property owner to create a space on their own property for the debris and not dump it on the right of way or roadway until it gets picked up. Bridge culverts should remain free from piled debris that can fall into the canal and clog our culverts and stop water flow.

All telephone poles on both sides of the road and on property need to be accessible so crews can work on restoring power if need be without debris or any obstruction getting in their way, so power can be restored as quickly as possible.

If anyone has overgrowth that can obstruct the roadway, right of way, telephone pole or any other easement in the event of a storm, it should be cut back now so in the event of a storm, we can focus on other tasks.

Don’t forget to get supplies. The biting insects have already been terrible and will only get worse with a storm. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare. Stock up on water, batteries and dried goods. Know where your gas cans are, and if you don’t have any, get some now to have on hand. If you know you need to move your animals, search for places now while there is time. If you can get a generator now, don’t wait till the last minute to go get one. Let’s get prepared the best we can with cooperation from everyone.

Marianne Miles, Loxahatchee Groves