Letter: Protect Small Business In Wellington

The Wellington Village Council is currently considering destroying the Lake Wellington Professional Centre and replacing it with a lakeside “beach” and to encourage more kayaking. Only a government council without concern for economics or for citizen impact would even consider such an ill-conceived idea. Only a government would float the idea of destroying a positive economic facility, to be replaced by a costly, negative-tax-cash-flow, unneeded, alligator rich, fake beach.

Wellington citizens and the Wellington business community need to stand up against such an ill-conceived idea and protect the LWPC as it stands today. The tenant range of 120, or 150, or even 170 is grossly under the real personal and economic impact of the LWPC. The impact is much greater than just the businesses that reside in the center.

Every business in the LWPC is responsible for multiples of jobs and economic prosperity in Wellington and the surrounding communities, far beyond the tenant role alone. It is the hub of small business in Wellington.

Every Realtor creates jobs for title attorneys, landscapers, electricians, builders, movers and others. Jobs.

The average CPA has 200 to 400 clients; all those people will be affected. Those CPAs help multiple businesses stay in business, concentrating on running a business instead of figuring out confusing and often contradictory tax regulations. Jobs.

Every builder or general contractor employs site people, cement contractors, carpenters, plumbers, framers, electricians, roofers, landscapers and many others. Jobs.

Engineers employ architects, planners, contractors and builders. Jobs.

That’s just a short list of the businesses in the LWPC. I could easily go on and illustrate the number of people directly and indirectly employed and directly affected by businesses in the LWPC, but you get the point.

The Lake Wellington Professional Centre is the heartbeat of small businesses in Wellington. Bulldozing it is bulldozing small businesses in Wellington. If you like jobs, if you like Wellington’s prosperity, then support the businesses who create those jobs and the far-reaching economic benefit felt all around!

The extensive and far-reaching economic and personal impact is much better for all of Wellington than a fake beach and a few kayakers.

So far, the standout voice of reason comes from Mayor Anne Gerwig. She understands the citizens of Wellington, and the great impact Wellington’s small businesses have on everyone. We need to stand with Gerwig and stand up for the lifeblood of our economy — your neighbor next door, the small business owner. You don’t need much common sense to figure this one out.

Victor Connor, Homeland