Letter: Wellington Doesn’t Need An Arts Center

Mayor Anne Gerwig, without an ounce of diplomacy, recently announced that, “I’m the only person, you guys… You don’t bring the same thing that I bring.” This, alluding to her fellow councilpersons, alleging her surveying and land planning experience, to the council.

Wow. I always thought one’s actions, not tooting one’s horn, is the way to go — not grandiose exclamations. If she is the smartest one in the room, does she have to convince the others, or is that just her perception and she is trying to convince herself?

Gerwig first ran as a vocal Republican, and prior to that, party affiliations were unknown, or at least not pronounced. Kind of nice for our community that we don’t require party affiliations proclaimed for elected officials. If Gerwig is such an uber-Republican, how does she advocate Wellington owning and renting an office building? How to justify this big government intrusion and being a landlord for absolutely no return for the taxpayer, and that’s not counting a million-plus to bring the building up to code.

Then Gerwig drones on about an “arts center” to attract “intelligent people.” LOL! Does that mean the 65,000 here now are not intelligent, and do we need an upgrade? Are we in danger of being uncultured masses? Do I need to go back to school?

Personally, I have not seen or heard anything to replace the site’s offerings that are not exorbitant and actually utilitarian for most Wellingtonians.

I’m not sure of our economy. I’m worried about our debt as a nation, and if another economic slowdown or collapse does befall us, should Wellington spend money carelessly/recklessly, instead of holding some for tough times? Every improvement or construction by government only jacks up our annual maintenance costs and budget, and since we are 95 percent built out, do we really need these facilities?

I’m proud of our new village hall, something we sorely needed, but an arts center is laughable — just another hole in the ground in which to dump taxes. If an arts center is financially advisable and profitable, where are the capitalist investors? Why is our government trying to look to run yet another business?

Mayor Gerwig reminds me of Trump, and his huge tax cuts without any plans to compensate for the monies no longer available for necessary, existing programs. I fully expect, after the elections, to see the Republicans say we need to cut back on spending to pay our bills (and monies lost to tax cuts). Beware, Social Security and Medicare will be in their sights. It appears their reasoning is that “they” want it. Sounds elitist to me.

I would hate to witness our village in the same boat, overspending, increasing maintenance costs, to satiate another elitist!

George Unger, Wellington


  1. So it seems Mr. Unger has a weekly diatribe.

    But he is out of touch and uninformed. A performing arts or any other arts facility could offer educational and training opportunities for children and adults including seniors. Mr. Unger suggests that capitalists must fund an arts center. Really? Does he believe that the great art centers of the world were funded privately? Of course not. Just like parks and recreation and other community assets, certain facilities that enhance our quality of life are a proper role for government because they benefit our quality of life and therefore enhance and sustain our property values and tax base.

    Mr. Unger appears to be a misogynistic opponent of our wonderful Mayor, Anne Gerwig. I think I recall correctly that he was a supporter of our previous mayor Bob Margolis who lost in a landslide to Ms. Gerwig.

    I suggest that Mr. Unger stop licking his wounds.

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