Letter: Move Forward Loxagrovia

After reading last week’s Town-Crier letter “Election May Be Last Best Chance For Lox Groves” by John Ryan, I realized I am grateful the writer did not reflect on bitterness. Wow. Lots of thoughts and mixed emotions in that one. Fellow Loxagrovians, we just gotta move forward.

Mr. Ryan proclaimed that incumbent Anita Kane actually spearheaded the expenditure of more than $20,000 to retire the useless mineral rights of Southern States Land & Timber that had no realistic prospect of becoming a problem.

Then why did Mr. Ryan, as a Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District Supervisor, speak before the town council some four years ago, suggesting he would attempt to buy the $200,000 rights for $100,000, and he now critiques Ms. Kane for buying the rights for $80,000 less then what he suggested paying.

Mr. Ryan, in the apparent need to say his piece, failed to mention the pertinent fact that both he and the late Mrs. Ryan both were prime supporters of bringing Underwood Management Services Group to Loxagrovia. The Ryans touted the experience, honesty, and efficiency of Underwood Management.

The Ryans’ pet council consisting of Ryan Liang, Jim Rockett and Ron Jarriel voted to hire Underwood, while Dave Browning and Tom Goltzené voted against. Yet its Browning that Mr. Ryan blames. If John and Elise had not brought the Underwoods here, former town manager Frank Spence would still be lunching his way through town biz. Was Mr. Ryan’s judgment faulty when he pushed to hire Underwood in place of Frank Spence. Is it faulty now in wanting to get rid of Underwood, or has it always been faulty and continues to be?

Oh, well. Who is this John Ryan and what does he want? Someone who has served at the pleasure of the landowners, and something he can’t have, like me, a seat on council.

Keith Harris, Loxahatchee Groves