Letter: Support For Leadership

The Loxahatchee Groves Town Council needs to have a person like Anita Kane seated on the dais because she brings many skills and abundant enthusiasm with her.

It didn’t take Anita long to get involved with town activities after she arrived in 2012. She became active with the Loxahatchee Groves Landowners’ Association and was asked by three different council members to represent them on the town’s Finance Advisory & Audit Committee, where she was elected chair. During her two years as a supervisor for the Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District, she was treasurer and then chair. Serving on the inaugural Loxahatchee Groves Scholarship Committee and being co-chair of the Loxahatchee Groves League of Cities Luncheon allowed Anita to be a part of some of the positive attention that has been brought to our town. Her demonstrated leadership in both government and civic activities has proven her commitment to service for the good of our town.

Anita knows how important it is to prepare all that needs to be done before change is called for. This was obvious when the LGWCD called for the referendum vote. Residents waited a total of 12 years for other board members to do something. When Anita became chair, she added some momentum to the process and gave the citizens and landowners the chance to vote on something that they had been asking for since incorporation.

Anita did the same thing with the motion to terminate contract town management and move to a direct hire of our own town manager. This was done after it became obvious that council members and residents were very unhappy about the way things were going in our town. Taking positive, informed action is just one of Anita’s strengths.

Anita hears what the residents and landowners are concerned about and works to resolve the situation. Please vote for Anita Kane on March 12.

Marge Herzog, Loxahatchee Groves