Local Author Deborah Burggraaf Releases New Book

Local author Deborah Burggraaf.

Award-winning local author and retired middle school teacher Deborah Burggraaf has announced the release of her 15th book, Miss Deacon and The Tale of William.

This latest book follows Burggraaf’s 14th book, Corky’s Travels, which received a Silver Medal at the Florida Authors and Publishers President Awards (FAPA) in August 2019 in the Best Cover Design category. Burggraaf worked with award-winning illustrator Matthew Lumsden on this project.

Burggraaf has once again teamed up with Steve White of Protective Hands Communications to produce this poetic memoir for teens to young adults. Set in the hills of Rhyl, Wales in the 1950s, Miss Deacon tenderly takes readers through the process of losing a loved one while providing hope and acceptance in a changed world.

The central characters are Dorothy Rose Deacon, iconic nanny for the Mason family, and William, their eldest son. Living in a 16-bedroom castle in the rolling hills of northern Wales, Miss Deacon runs their home and raises the lads.

As time goes by, William’s beloved wife Sylvia passes away, and Miss Deacon provides him with support and guidance during this difficult period of life. Miss Deacon encourages William to return to his youthful days: rekindling his longtime friendships, tilling his gardens and tinkering with his clock collection. After residing more than 50 years with the Mason family, Miss Deacon ages and becomes frail and feeble. William returns the greatest gift of all, his love and caring.

Parents, educators and students can find activities for Miss Deacon and The Tale of William at www.dburgg.com. Books for purchase can be found at www.dburgg.com and www.amazon.com. The retail cost is $10.95.