Palm Beach County Saturday Hurricane Isaias Briefing

Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner gave an update on preparations for Hurricane Isaias on Saturday, Aug. 1 (see video below). Joining him were Commissioner Mack Bernard, Emergency Management Director Bill Johnson, County Administrator Verdenia Baker and FPL External Affairs Manager Sophia Eccelstone.

Palm Beach County remains under a hurricane and tropical storm warning with deteriorating weather conditions expected overnight Saturday into Sunday morning. The Emergency Operations Center is activated at a Level 1 and continues to coordinate with local and state partners.

The county also remains under a state of emergency for COVID-19. Overnight, 580 new cases were reported for a total of 33,854 cases.

A voluntary evacuation has been issued for Zone A. Those who reside in mobile homes or homes unable to withstand heavy winds are encouraged to seek shelter with family or friends who reside in a more sturdy structure. Four general population shelters (Lake Shore Middle School, Palm Beach Gardens High School, Palm Beach Central High School and Park Vista High School), a special needs shelter and pet-friendly shelter are open to accommodate residents who have no other sheltering option. As of 4 p.m. Saturday, there were 150 people checked into the shelters. Everyone must be screened before entering. Anyone with a fever will be isolated from other guests.

If you go to a shelter, make sure to bring a three-day supply of water per person, special-diet foods, at least two changes of comfortable clothing, prescriptions and emergency medications, bedding materials, facial coverings, hygiene items, important documents, medical records and special items for family members who are elderly and disabled.

Residents are urged to remain home after the storm passes as emergency response crews will be out on the roads to survey any damage. FPL anticipates a large portion of the service area will lose power and crews are prepared to speed up the restoration process. 

The Emergency Information Center (EIC) continues operating at 24-hour full activation. The center has handled approximately 300 calls from the public regarding special needs sheltering, evacuation zones and shelter locations. The EIC can be reached at (561) 712-6400.

See video from the Saturday briefing below: