Drive-Through Event Screens Potential Bone Marrow Donors

The Schwartz family with friends and supporters at the drive-through screening.

Royal Palm Beach resident Naomi Schwartz, 14, suffers from aplastic anemia. She was diagnosed in February with the disorder that begins in the bone marrow. The rare disease affects less than seven people per million each year. It causes a deficiency in the body’s manufacture of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

The condition may come on slowly or suddenly and can be present at birth or as the result of some foreign intervention or infection. Symptoms include frequent infections, fatigue, rapid heart rate and bleeding. Treatment can include medications, blood transfusions and stem-cell transplants.

The family has been informed by doctors that Schwartz’s best chance to survive the fatal disease is to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Therefore, the family is looking for a compatible match in the local community.

A drive-through event at Royal Palm Beach Elementary School on Saturday, June 5 allowed volunteers to be screened as potential bone marrow matches for Schwartz or other patients on the list of those needing the bone marrow procedure. Turnout was impressive, with 122 swabs collected and $500 in donations.

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