State Rep. Matt Willhite Notes Successful 2022 Legislative Session

State Rep. Matt Willhite

As the 2022 Legislative Session comes to a close, State Rep. Matt Willhite (D-District 86) took a moment to highlight five pieces of legislation that he worked on.

This includes HM 63: Recognizing Veteran Suicide, which was approved by both chambers of the legislature and now makes its way to President Joe Biden for his review.

“I worked on this memorial last session, and I’m glad that this year it finally made it past the finish line,” Willhite said.

The measure urges Congress to recognize the epidemic of suicide among veterans and fully fund suicide prevention efforts by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Other pieces of legislation include HB 837: Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program, HB 459: Step Therapy Protocols, and HB 773: Pub. Rec./Law Enforcement Geolocation Information. All of these bills were approved by both chambers of the legislature and now await Gov. Ron DeSantis’ signature before they can become law.

“These four pieces of legislation all aim to keep Floridians healthy and safe,” Willhite said. “Extending the Hurricane Loss Mitigation program for another 10 years helps to ensure the safety of those who live in manufactured homes at the inevitable moment that a hurricane hits Florida. I’m also glad to send HB 459 to the governor’s desk. At some point, all of us may have to deal with an insurance company and a pharmacist. By putting in place a few step-therapy protocols, we can guarantee that patients get the most effective treatment or medication as soon as possible, and there is transparency in the process when insurance companies require the use of step-therapy. And finally, HB 773 will mitigate potential exposure of a law enforcement officers’ residences, which puts the officers and their families at unnecessary risk.”

This legislative session, Willhite was also the prime co-sponsor of HB 1233: Online Training for Private Security Guards. This legislation allows unarmed security guards to receive their license by collecting some credits through courses that are hosted online.