ITID Hosts Public Meeting On Roads, Traffic Calming, Sidewalks And Pathways

Indian Trail Executive Director Burgess Hanson speaks to residents at Tuesday’s meeting.

Dozens of residents came to the Indian Trail Improvement District’s presentation on future road and infrastructure plans held Tuesday, April 5 at the Acreage branch library.

ITID officials and Palm Beach County staff had tables set up so residents could review separate aspects of the improvement plans.

ITID supervisors and Executive Director Burgess Hanson were at the head table to give an overview of the district and explain the meeting format.

“What we’re trying to do tonight is, rather than people having to get here right at the beginning of the meeting, we want to have engagement with the public, landowners and residents,” Hanson told the Town-Crier. “Instead of having a formal speech and then you ask questions, we want people to go right to the tables and ask their questions, look at the plans and maps. They can go to one table if they want, or go to all of the tables. It’s less structured, but we’re trying to get more input on a less formal basis from the residents.”

ITID Traffic Engineer Joe Capra was at one table to explain ITID’s mobility plan, which is designed to help advance the safety and mobility objectives contained in the Transportation Planning Agency’s long-range plan that prioritizes the needs of ITID residents.

ITID Engineer Jay Foy and Chief Construction Officer Rob Robinson were at another table to answer questions about the district’s recently adopted R-3 Road Plan, along with traffic-calming measures and the associated costs.

ITID Grants Coordinator Scarlet Cantley was at a table to discuss and answer questions about two grants, whose conditions include getting support from residents who live in the project area.

Project 1 includes a total of eight speed tables installed on 140th Avenue North from Orange Blvd. to Northlake Blvd., Hall Blvd. from Orange Blvd. to Northlake Blvd., and Temple Blvd. from Coconut Blvd. to Seminole Pratt Whitney Road. Project 2 will include the widening of sidewalks to 8 feet, and a 10-foot multi-purpose path will be installed across the street from the existing sidewalks on Hamlin Blvd. from Hall Blvd. to Grapeview Blvd., Grapeview Blvd. from Hamlin Blvd. to Citrus Grove Blvd., and on Citrus Grove Blvd. from Hall Blvd. to Avocado Blvd.

Letters from Hanson explained that ITID has applied to the TPA for two grants totaling almost $1.4 million to pay for the multi-use trails and sidewalks, as well as the speed table traffic-calming projects.

Chief Operations Officer Jason Lester, Assistant Chief Operations Officer Greg Shafer and Maintenance Supervisor Lon Ackley were prepared to answer questions about roads and millings.

Kathleen Farrell, assistant director of Palm Beach County’s Roadway Production Division, was there to answer questions about ongoing county projects, including Seminole Pratt Whitney Road, 60th Street North, and Royal Palm Beach, Orange, Coconut and Northlake boulevards.

More information about many of these infrastructure plans is available at