Crestwood Boys Capture The Western Regional And County Track Championships

The Crestwood Middle School boys track and field team.

The Crestwood Middle School boys ended their track and field season winning the Western Regional Championship and most recently secured the top spot at the Palm Beach County Track and Field Championship held at Park Vista High School.

The Eagles started their regional dominance by capturing the two top spots in the 110-meter hurdles, winning the 400-meter relay, the long jump and the 200-meter. The team also secured points in the other events.

Michael Chambers, who competed in the shot put, said that he wanted to do his part to contribute to the team’s success. “Our coach kept telling us that our team was a good team and we could win, but honestly, we didn’t believe him until the end of the meet when we saw the final score,” Chambers said. “He said we must do our job at the regionals to be able to compete at the county. We did, and I’m happy.”

The Crestwood Eagle boys extended their winning ways a week later by winning the Palm Beach County Middle School Championship. The team was led with the hurdling/jumping duo of Alphonzo Carter and Nazier Watkins. Xavier Police cleared the high jump bar. Sprinters Brandon Pendergrass and Jaleel Stitt dashed through the line in the 100-meter and 200-meter, respectively. Pendergrass was joined by Daniel Civil, Jayden Espino and Jaleel Stitt to blaze the 400-meter relay. Alphonzo Carter strutted in the 800-meter run, and the quartet of Daniel Civil, Jaleel Stitt, Michael Chambers and Brandon Pendergrass raced the 800-meter sprint medley. Daniel Civil, Alphonzo Carter, Nazier Walker and Ja’Quan Johnson secured the overall win for Crestwood in the 4 x 400 relay.

“The boys really stepped up and performed today. They tasted success last week, and all season long we have been talking about finishing strong and winning. Well, they did, and I am so proud of them. I’m not one to be surprised, but there were a few surprises on some performance,” coach Mark Drummond said. “This win is special because the boys really had to work and show their resilience, especially since there were so many delays.”

This is the seventh championship title under Drummond. The team members are: Treven Tipton, Michael Chambers, Ja’Quan Johnson, Jayden Espino, Joshua Destefano, Xavier Police, Alphonzo Carter, Nazier Watkins, David Alexis, K’Mari Dixon, Caleb Fulbright, Blake Girard, Brandon Pendergrass II, Mateo Hubbard, Jaleel Stitt, Daniel Civil, Jamarian Kelly, Rajon Fleurima and Christopher Jones.