Letter: Euell Responds To Nielsen

I read Richard Nielsen’s letter (“Which Romney Do You Support?” Oct. 26) and was reminded how objective he is, not like that “biased” Frank Morelli. And, of course, Mr. Nielsen is the highest authority on Romney and Obama.

Let’s see, when the price of gas went to $4 a gallon under Bush, it was said by the Nielsens of the country Bush and Cheney were in bed with big oil. So if we follow that thinking, wouldn’t it be correct to say Obama’s in bed with big oil?

Under Bush, federal land was opened for drilling and prices started dropping in four to six months, all the way down to $1.89 a gallon. Not quite the same under Obama. He stopped all drilling on federal land and has no problem with gas at $4 a gallon. He never even mentions it. He also stopped the Keystone pipeline, which would have provided thousands of jobs and [lowered] the price of gas.

He continued his attack on energy by closing coal mines (which provide most of the fuel for electric). Obama said if you want to open up a coal mine, he would bankrupt you. He said in 2008, if he got in he would skyrocket your electric bill.

And then there’s Eric Holder, who refused to prosecute three black men for interfering with voters, “Fast and Furious,” Holder’s gun-running scheme that killed thousands in Mexico, including an American agent, cutting our nuclear warheads, running our debt up by $6 trillion, and our unemployment near 10 percent for over three years.

The cover-up of the Libyan attack, and please don’t insult our intelligence and say he didn’t know anything. He let four Americans die.

Obamacare that he and his ilk shoved down our throat is going to cost millions in new taxes. And then they drag out President Clinton, an impeached president who lied under oath to a grand jury.

Yeah, we want four more years of this. Ugh.

Thomas Euell


  1. Now that a divided nation has spoken, we should turn our attentions to local politicians. We have a better chance of restoring honor in government at the local level. Let us start here:

    End the needless $3.3 million dollar Palm Beach Office of Inspector General.

    Voters were told no new taxes would be necessary to fund the IG. Now we are being forced to pay. Perhaps the shell game of “Corruption County” is still being played out?

    Not only is it costing $3.3 million for the IG but municipalities have spent millions to comply with investigation demands of the IG.

    If refusing to fund the IG means politicians are afraid of something, then why is it that the County Commissioners are refusing to fund the IG now?

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