Letter: Support For Minto West

I am writing in support of Minto West. During Tropical Storm Isaac in 2012, my entire property flooded, and it looked like a lake all around my house. It was such a mess for two weeks. I would have never been able to get off my property if I didn’t own a Ford Expedition. I’m all for Minto coming into this area to help fix the drainage issues and create jobs. Can we make it happen sooner? I want to work here near my home. Right now, we have to travel so far for medical services, a job, shopping or recreation.

We pay all these property taxes, and what do we have to show for it? Nothing. It’s time that our area realizes that these are much-needed services that we’re already paying taxes for. I’ve heard the statements from both sides and did my homework. I see the value in what Minto is planning. We’ll still be able to have horses, chickens, and gardens on our property, and everyone will benefit from the new community they’ll create. I trust that Minto will be a good neighbor. I’m saying yes to our future!

Gillian Samad, The Acreage


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