Letter: Council Did Not Listen To The Residents

At least 50 people spent their entire evening at the Wellington Village Council meeting last week, concerned about the award of a contract for an unspecified amount, well over the stated $10.5 million budget. Many of them spoke. Most of them submitted preference cards.

Everyone who spoke or submitted a preference card opposed awarding the contract, and supported looking at possible alternatives, mostly based upon achieving savings by keeping the Wellington Tennis Center co-located with a new Wellington Community Center. Everyone who spoke was loudly applauded.

Not a single person — not one, nobody, nada, zilch — got up to speak to support moving the tennis center or awarding the contract. Not one! When has public sentiment about anything been unanimous? Probably not since Oprah gave new cars to everyone in her audience.

Four council members were there. Councilman [Howard] Coates heard the speakers. Mayor [Bob] Margolis, Councilman [Matt] Willhite and Councilman [John] Greene were there, but were apparently not listening. The vote was 3-1 in favor of awarding the contract.

The taxpayer cost will be in excess of $12 million, possibly as much as $13.8 million, against a $10.5 million budget. A total of 15.5 acres of land on Lyons Road, worth at least $8.5 million, will be lost to host a new tennis center that already exists. It will cost 1.1 million miles total of additional yearly driving for the residents to reach the eastern fringe of the village for tennis.

There will be even further loss of trust for government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Our only hope is that voters will remember in two years.

Roy Rosner, Wellington


  1. Only all of Roy’s friends spoke. We, the real tennis players, didn’t need to be there to speak…our nonsupport of Roy and his wife was demonstrated by us not showing up.
    Support our Tennis Program as we grow and expand at our new world class facility.
    Also, let’s support our seniors!!!!! Give the seniors their facility!!!!

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