Letter: Campaign Sign Vandalization

The current Royal Palm Beach municipal election has reached a new campaign low! Fred Pinto’s and Sam Roman’s candidate signs are being destroyed by their opponents’ supporters on a near-daily basis.

Is this what the village has come to, that we can no longer put up campaign signs without them being destroyed? I, for one, know and love this village, and it disturbs me, as it should all of us, when we see things like this happening.

Even worse, candidate Martha Webster is going around spreading false statements about Mayor Fred Pinto. Martha has run multiple times and lost the last four times she has run. She has nothing to bring to the council. We, the good citizens of Royal Palm Beach, should not elect someone who has nothing positive to bring to the village. She said herself, the only reason she is running for mayor now is because Fred Pinto and his wife had a personal issue. (Please note, no charges were filed).

I urge my fellow good citizens to vote on March 13 and to re-elect Fred Pinto for mayor and Sam Roman to the village council. Pinto has been a councilman for 14 years and mayor for two years. Because of Pinto’s knowledge and experience, our village has never been in better shape than it is today: no tax increases in 20 years, debt free and a very low crime rate. It doesn’t get any better than that. Roman is an experienced businessman who can bring a vast amount of knowledge to the council.

Please give these candidates your vote for the continued success of the Village of Royal Palm Beach. Remember: “bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.” Re-elect Fred Pinto as mayor and vote for Sam Roman for councilman.

Vinnie Perrin, Royal Palm Beach